Return Policy

WE understand that ordering an exclusive dress for your special occasion is an important undertaking, and in Regalia the cancellation policy was created with keeping this in mind. Still it is important to note that Regalia’s clothing are made-to-order, whether you order custom measurement or standard size, and the stuffs & materials cannot be reused once the creation process has begun. You need not to worry as the good news is that there is still time to change your mind after placing your order,. Please refer to Regalia’s cancellation and return policies below for details.

  • Within 24 hrs of payment confirmation if item cancellation is requested, you will be eligible for full refund.

  • If you request cancellation within 24 to 72 hrs after payment confirmation, you will be eligible for a partial refund consisting 75% of the product price and full shipping cost.

  • If order is cancelled after 72 hrs after payment confirmation, you will only be eligible for the full shipping cost.

  • It can no longer be cancelled once your order has been shipped.

  • Kindly Contact Customer Service if you would like to cancel your order 

Note: When you receive an email entitled “Order No#_______with”, your payment has been confirmed.

WE believe in a good relationship with our customer so your satisfaction is the utmost important to us. We encourage you to check and make sure that the clothing or dress has been made to the custom measurements or standard size as you specified, upon the arrival of your package. Try on your clothing or dress as soon as possible without removing the product tags, altering or washing it.
If you are returning or exchanging clothing, dresses or accessories, please make sure that the product are in their original condition – unwashed, undamaged, unworn, unaltered, free of lint and hair, clean and with tags intact and attached.
We would be happy to offer solutions if any problem occur from our side but if customer place a wrong order, provide incorrect sizes, colour and etc., we are sorry that we are not responsible for that occasions.

However, if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Damaged, Defective or Misshipped Items

  • Damaged, defective or mis-shipped products are possible for a full refund. While requesting your refund, kindly be ready to provide Customer Service with photographs that clearly shows the problem with the items. If you think your products were damaged during shipping, send us photographs showing the damaged packing as well as “Proof of Damage” documentation from your delivery carrier in order to process your refund.

Sizing or Fitting Issues

  • As all of our clothing and dresses are hand-sewn and custom-tailored, so the finished dress may vary by approx. one(1) inch in either direction of the specified measurements.  To be sure that your dress will still fit you perfectly, out tailors creates all the dresses with some additional fabric in the seams to allow minor size modifications to be made easily.

Item is not the size you ordered

  • If your dress size differs from the specifications of your order by more than 1 inch, we would like to encourage you to find a local tailor to make adjustments, and we will gladly pay you up to 100% of the product price in tailoring cost. If you go for this option, please request your tailor a receipt as a copy of it must be send when requesting reimbursement.

Your item is the size you ordered but does not fit

  • Your dress is of the size you ordered but it does not fit properly then your order cannot be returned or exchanged. As our clothing or dresses are made with additional fabric in the seams, We suggest you to make minor alternation at your nearby tailor, at your own cost.
    Please note: If your product-order specification differ too greatly from the final sizing request, alteration may not be possible.

Color Mismatch

  • Your computer graphics and setting of screen may alter the color of the dresses shown on Slight color difference between the color of item your ordered and the color of item you received may not mens that the item is mis-shipped or defective. However, if you are sure that the dress your received is in wrong color, please contact our Customer Service to know if a refund or return is possible.

Overdue Orders

  • If your order cannot be shipped on time, our Customer Service will offer you the option of keeping or cancelling the order. Customers whose items are overdue by more than 10 days have the option of cancelling the order for full refund, or keeping the dress and get 25% reimbursement upon delivery and if there will be any shipping charge, it will be also refunded.
  1. Please contact our Customer Service within 1 week (2 weeks for defective or incorrect items) of receiving your product. Kindly include photographs and an explanation documenting the reason for the return. Return will only be accepted after the approval from our Customer Service.

  2. Once our Customer Service has approved, please sent the item within 5 days with the Product Return Form which you will get through the mail after approval.

  3. Once the product is received at our facility, it will be processes in 3 to 5 business days. Once your return is inspected and confirmed, please allow up to two billing cycles for it to be credited to your account. If the items are returned in unacceptable condition will not be processes as refunds and will not be shipped back to you.